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Succed cases

Currently, 60% of Brazilian companies use Business Intelligence
for decision-making, but 40% of Brazilian companies benefit

of the use of Artificial Intelligence.

To bring Business Intelligence closer to the reality of companies,
Below we present some real cases developed
by Dataside's professionals. Check below:

Camil Alimentos SA is a Brazilian company in the food sector, specializing in the processing of rice and beans, being a leader in the section in the country and South America.

Data Engineering to accelerate Digital Transformation.

Main pain

The customer desired to have an environment with CI/CD control, but it couldn't implement it internally. During his attempts, he always bumped into some failure or technical complication, which only generated high costs and no benefits. 

Solution and Benefits | Data Lake Architecture

After alignments between the Dataside team, we arrived at a design that represents a high level of processes and data flows. We deploy a flow with CI/CD using Azure DevOps as an orchestrator, and pipelines and SQL scripts were developed in Synapse Workspace. Another advantage/benefit of adopting Synapse workspace is that, with its help, Camil gained much greater agility, since CSV files that previously needed to be loaded into Synapse dedicated are now read instantly with Serverless at a very low cost. 

100% on-premises environment, the company needed an environment where its ML and Engineering teams could work together, including units outside Brazil.

The company operates in the fresh meat, leather, and derivatives market, in addition to the export of live cattle, while operating in the processing of meat.

Positioning and Escalation of the company through ML and BI.

Main pain

Solution and Benefits | Data Lake Architecture

With this architecture, we were able to solve a scale problem for the analytics layer through Databricks. Before, it was 100% on-premises with SQL Server and Pentaho, because of this changing, it was possible to reduce this gap (reduce, as the company is still in the migration process) and scale the business, managing to have the Machine Learning and engineering teams working together, as well as having a scalable location to support the enterprise BI layer using Synapse Serverless. Another point that we brought with benefits was the greater ease of integrating data from other units, including units outside Brazil through the Integration Runtime, a component of the Synapse Pipeline that allowed this integration more easily.

It is the largest oncology group in Latin America.
They are present in 13 Brazilian states
and DF with 129 units.

The first Brazilian case using Machine Learning and artificial intelligence from Azure Text Analytics for Health

main pain

The hardest part was digitizing the medical reports, manually extracting valuable data that, for the most part, was unfeasible to collect on a large scale.

Solution and Benefits | Data Lake Architecture

We neede to handle an impracticable and limited process that was suposed to be carried out manually, but the digitization of reports and data structuring through a simple process, with few steps and automated processing, made it possible. Now is possible to scan reports at a much larger scale and in greater detail. The solution consists in a mobile application and a website for scanning medical reports, which is realized in four steps: 1) user sends a photo of the document via an Android app or scanner; 2) the app stores the image in the Microsoft cloud; 3) Artificial Intelligence identifies medical terms; 4) Results are available in seconds in the database and the analytical panel.

The company grew enormously during the pandemic, but the analytics infrastructure wasn't keeping up with the growth the way they needed. They had performance issues in Power BI reports, and couldn't scale and correlate data from various internal departments and cross it with external sources, which would bring a huge gain in the company's expansion. The Marketing team often complained that they couldn't make decisions due to lack of information.


One of the largest distributors of products in the pet section in Brazil, they work with the main brands in the market.

Data Engineering for the Marketing team to make decisions.

Main pain

Solution and Benefits | Data Lake Architecture

With the Dataside Engineering team, we built a Data Lake in the Azure cloud, where we entered financial, marketing, and sales data. Thanks to that and the centralized information in a single place, we built new Power BI Dashboards, which brought dynamics and data co-relationship, causing an instant improvement in decision-making.  

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