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A program for those of you who are taking your first steps in your career 

We nurture talents and accelerate professional journeys through Acelera Jovem. To be a part of the program, all you need are skills like:

  • Creativity;

  • Good communication;

  • Character;

  • Effort and proactivity.

What does our #aceleras have to say about the program?

Márcio Junior

In addition to training professionals for the market, Acelera is also assisting individuals and contributing to their growth. This is a fundamental part of our values.

Cauã Carvalho

Thanks to Acelera Jovem and everything that Dataside and the dataholics provided me, I now possess experience, knowledge, and I continue to specialize more each day.

Cyd Gabriel

Acelera is a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and develop. Dataside believed in my potential, and that is invaluable.

Vinícius Rocha

The program has been making me a better professional. With exclusive courses and special training, I can develop both Soft and Hard Skills.

Do you want to learn by

getting your hands dirty

every day?

We want to get to know you!

Caio Amante is the CEO and Founder of Dataside, with over 15 years of experience in Data and Business Management. Together with Letícia Carvalho, Director of Marketing and Sales, they created the Acelera Jovem Program with the aim of promoting the development of soft and hard skills for your individuals who are starting their careers in various parts of Brazil.

Created by those who

understand of communities.

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