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Changing for the better the way companies make decisions based on Data and AI

We’re a consultancy focused on data, AI, and business.

We turn data into smart solutions.

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Solutions with Chat GPT and Artificial Intelligence

Browse through solutions created

by Dataside to help your business

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Data, AI, and

Dataside is a consultancy specialized in data and AI, focused on the generation of value for business.

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Engenharia de Dados




IA Generativa

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How we change for the better the way you make decisions

We develop the ideal solutions for your business.

We develop products with the ideal solutions to enhance the performance of your teams and assure more growth for your company.

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Uma ferramenta focada em gestão de ambientes de dados, como o Power BI, para otimizar as operações em Business Intelligence.


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A better business, a better world.

Unilever has 92 years of brazilian market and +40 other brands. Their products include food, beverages, cleaning products and personal hygiene products.

It is the third-largest consumer goods company by revenue in 2012.

“Dataside greatly assisted us as partners in strategic projects that we needed to deliver within tight timelines and were successfully completed on schedule.”

Pride in belonging and delighting.

Renner is the largest fashion retailer in the country in terms of revenue. Renner Stores also include Camicado, Youcom, and Asua Curve & Plus Size.

"Renner has heavily invested in Advanced Analytics, and with the current market dynamics, having partners like Dataside has helped us deliver much more with much less internal effort in recruiting, selection, and retention."


One person

at a time.

Johnson & Johnson's mission is to care for the world, one person at a time, by creating products to ensure health and well-being in each stage of life.

"Innovating today is synonymous with mastering the art of data and automation. Dataside managed to assist J&J in Digital Governance projects and other initiatives."

Trabalhe conosco

We are made of people.

Dataside has been elected, by the third consecutive year, as one of the best companies to work at by GPTW (Great Place to Work) with 98% of approval.

If you want to be part of this #dataholics team, check out the job openings and come fly together with us!


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Telefone: +55 11 5555-5484 


2032 Tally Rd, Leesburg

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