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Quality Policy

2nd review on March 22, 2022.

  • Atender aos requisitos dos nossos clientes e da legislação em vigor. ​

  • Ter o compromisso de todos em relação à qualidade.

  • Melhorar continuamente o sistema de gestão da qualidade, nossos processos e os serviços fornecidos. ​

Information Security Policy:

We understand information as any content or data valuable to the organization or its customers. It may be stored for restricted use or exposed to the customer for consultation or handling.

It can be printed, written, spoken, or transmitted by e-mail and other electronic means.

Regardless of the form presented or how the information is shared or stored, information is the greatest asset of Dataside and its customers and, therefore, essential to the business. For these reasons, the information must be protected and used ethically and safely, guaranteeing reliability through the protection of:

a)         Confidentiality: Ensure that access to information is obtained only by authorized employees;


b)          Integrity: Ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information and the methods for processing it, as well as transparency in dealing with the public involved;


c)           Availability: Ensure that authorized people have access to information whenever necessary.


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